Racal Instruments 6113 EDGE

Options 6113-313 and 6113-440 extend the capability of the Racal Instruments/Aeroflex 6113 base station test set to allow GPRS and EDGE-capable base stations to be tested.

GPRS and EDGE technology introduce new channel types and, for EDGE, 8-PSK modulation in addition to the GMSK modulation used by GSM and GPRS. This alters the RF specifications and performance of the base station and with it brings a corresponding need to test these new features. The GPRS and EDGE options support the following EGPRS channel types:

  • CS-1 to CS-2 GMSK modulation (GPRS)
  • MCS-1 to MCS-4 GMSK modulation (EDGE)
  • MCS-5 to MCS-9 8-PSK modulation (EDGE)

When using GPRS or EDGE test options, the standard 6113 tests and pass/fail limits are automatically adjusted to match the appropriate test specifications. New tests, such as error vector magnitude (EVM) and receiver BLER are also added for testing 8-PSK signals.

GPRS and EDGE test set parametric performance is equivalent to the standard 6113 test set product specification. The Cell Integrity and Live Test options are not available for GPRS or EDGE.

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Radio Comms Test Sets
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6113 EDGE
GSM/EGPRS Base Station Test Set
Configuration: 01,02,04F,10,52,220,225,270,440
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